How to add CSS on your WordPress Theme?

Adding CSS to your theme is not a difficult task anymore. Anyone with basic technical knowledge can able to do this task very easily.  

Do You Want to Know What is CSS?

CSS Stands for Cascading Style Sheets will help you look at basic HTML structure in a colorful way. It will allow changing colors, layout, and fonts to make your web page in an eye-catchy way.

Add CSS in your theme via Theme customizer.

You can use any theme on your website. There is a trick to add a CSS with a built-in theme customizer. Go to Appearance->Customize section of your Dashboard.

Go to the bottom and click Additional CSS.

Once you click on Additional CSS, you will get an editor field, It allows you to write a CSS Code. It is very easy to use and lets you view both mobile and tablet versions of your site.

In the above example, we will be giving changing the Font and color of Heading(Stage01)

Sample Code:

text-transform: uppercase;
color : red

This sample code will help us to change the all character into the upper-case It will change text color into red.

Wow! Congratulation! You have learned how to add a CSS code to your website.

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